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The General Series - Heritage Books


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Ask Lots of Questions, Get Lots of Answers - Louise St Denis

A book with over 600 questions to review a complete life story. From the first memories as a young child through the retirement years. Use as a guide to write your life story, or record on audio or video tape.

Book #G02, 56 pages, 1st Edition Revised 2002


Autosomal DNA Testing: The Test for Everyone - Shannon Combs-Bennett

Which DNA test to take....There are three tests you can take for genetic genealogy. The most common is autosomal. Autosomal or Admixture DNA (atDNA) is the most frequently taken genetic genealogy test on the market. With one test you can learn about your paternal and maternal families as well as your combined ethnic origins.

Book #G34, 128 pages, 2017


Bringing Your Ancestors to Life - Jennifer Holik

Create interesting family history stories! Go beyond the names and dates. Flesh out the bones in your genealogy to make your family history come alive.

Book #G27, 172 pages, 2015


Clues in Photographs to Help with Genealogical Research - Joelle Steele

Photographs are an integral part of telling a story. This book provides help when using and identifying photographs to document family history. Learn ways to obtain family photographs, archive them physically and digitally, determine the photographic processes used, date the photographs, and identify people and other details in the images.

Book #G36, 189 pages, 2017


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Creating the Genealogist's Memoir: Writing the Story Behind the Research - Diane Dassow

Enhance the results of your genealogy research! Tell the story behind your research―your inspiration, motivation and interest in genealogy; your process; “aha” moments; roadblocks and disappointments; and successes.

Book #G29, 128 pages, 2015


DNA & Genetic Genealogy: An Introduction - Diahan Southard

A comprehensive introduction to genetic genealogy with the basics of DNA and genetic inheritance explained. The three main test types, mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome DNA, and autosomal DNA are explored as they relate to genealogy.

Book #G23, 175 pages, 2014


DNA Testing: Tracing Maternal & Paternal Genealogy Lines - Shannon Combs-Bennett, BS

Which DNA test to take....Y-Chromosome DNA or mitochondrial DNA? Learn what each test will tell you as they relate to genealogy. Learn how to read and interpret the test results.

Book #G30, 118 pages, 2015


Forensic Genealogy: Researching the Living - Cari Taplin, CG

Forensic genealogy is research which can support legal requirements. Families drift apart for many reasons: divorce, disagreement, remarriage, etc. This book can assist researchers in the use forensic methods to identify and contact living people using genealogical sources and documents.

Book #G35, 234 pages, 2017


Genealogy Essentials: How to Transcribe, Abstract and Extract - Brenda Wheeler, PLCGS

Learn how to transcribe, abstract and extract documents obtained about your ancestors. These skills are essential to uncovering the details of their lives written in the records.

Book #G32, 81 pages, 1st edition, 2017


Genealogy on the Internet - Marian Press, Sherry Warren & Gena Philibert-Ortega

There are over two million Internet websites for genealogy. It is possible to consult large databases of genealogical data, contact others conducting similar research, inform other researchers of your interests, browse libraries and telephone directories world wide, access tutorials and advice from experts in the field and much more. This book covers not only the "how-to" of using the Internet for genealogy but defines sound research strategies.

Book #G12, 287 pages, 6th edition, 2016


HELP! There's a Skeleton in My Closet - Doris Bourrie

A study in ethics for the genealogist! Your ethics will describe your own personal code of morals. Topics covered include ethics for the beginner, ethics on the Internet, ethics for the family historians, ethics for authors and lecturers, ethics for the professional genealogists, and ethics and the future genealogist.

Book #G14, 75 pages, 1998


How Do I Prove It? - Dr. Penelope Christensen

Are you picking your ancestors out of a hat? Or have you really proved each linkage? It is essential to completely prove each linkage before proceeding to the next generation. This practical manual for family historians and genealogists demystifies the requirements necessary for establishing a pedigree.

Book #G19, 336 pages, 3rd edition, 2008.


How to Create Genealogy Programs for Adults and Youth - Jennifer Holik

Learn to engage youth and adults by creating genealogy programs―one hour, one and a half-hour, half-day and full day workshops.

Book #G22, 194 pages, 2012


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Let's Get Organized - Dr. Penelope Christensen

Whether you're an amateur or a professional the key to productive and satisfying research is your ability to organize it. Learn how to manage your genealogical project with the expert advice in this book. This large volume includes proven effective researching and recording strategies.

Book #A-LGO, 228 pages, 3rd edition, 2005


Names in Genealogy: Their Origin & Meaning - Dr. Penelope Christensen

Genealogical research is largely based on names. But what is the origin of names; primarily surnames, first names and place names? A knowledge of how they were derived and how they are connected, provides a better understanding of the genealogical process.

Book #G15, 370 pages, 2002


Organisations for One-Name Studies - Kristy Gray & Shannon Combs-Bennett

The genealogist who undertakes to collect all references to a certain surname faces unique logistical problems. This book will teach you to organise your research, how to search for primary sources around the world, analyse the data you acquire, publicize, publish and preserve your work.

Book #G18, 233 pages, 2nd edition, 2016


Organization for One-Place Studies - Kristy Gray & Shannon Combs-Bennett

The genealogist who undertakes to collect all references to a certain geographical location faces unique problems. This book will teach you techniques to surmount these obstacles and have a well organized archive of data.

Book #G28, 149 pages, 2015


Organizing & Publishing Your Family Tree - Cari Taplin

A wide view of genealogical software--cloud-based systems, online trees, and desktop software. Includes a brief survey of alternative programs and systems for organizing and displaying genealogical research.

Book #G26, 284 pages, 2015


Organizing a Genealogy Library for Public or Private Use - Dr. Penelope Christensen, Claudine Nelson & Ryan Taylor

This is not a challenge for the faint-hearted. The authors share their philosophy of organization for maximum research effectiveness.

Book #G20, 286 pages, 2004


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Organizing the Mountains of Paper - Louise St Denis

Everyone learns two facts very quickly: you will accumulate lots of paper and relying on your memory just doesn't work. This book will teach you how to organize all of your findings so everything is at your fingertips. 22 forms you can duplicate are included.

Book #G07, 140 pages, 3rd edition, 2017


Planning a Fabulous Family Reunion - Louise St Denis

A must to help you plan a family reunion that's fun filled and worth attending. Lots of ideas for you to share your genealogy findings in an interesting manner.

Book #G11, 112 pages, 1st edition revised, 1998


Planning a Genealogy Research Trip - Dr. Penelope Christensen

As family historians we all dream of one day walking the land of our ancestors. Make those dreams come true with sound practical advice from a "pro."

Book #G06, 102 pages, 3rd edition, 2005


Planning a Genealogy Research Trip to Salt Lake City - Dr. Penelope Christensen & Elizabeth Stratton

Going to the Family History Library? Get the most from your trip to "genealogy-heaven" in Salt Lake City by having a "pro" teach you how.

Book #G24, 186 pages, 4th edition, 2012


Preparation and Practice for Genealogy Professionals - Brenda Dougall Merriman & Penelope Christensen

Experience, education, standards, business planning, services and fees, plus much more are covered in these pages. This book describes professional standards and practices for the serious genealogist and family historian.

Book #G16, 255 pages, 2009


Protect Your Precious Documents - Louise St Denis

You have taken the time to find all your family's precious documents, now take the time to protect them for future generations to enjoy. Learn how to store your documents and what kinds of materials to use and how to use them. Lots of hints as to what to do and more importantly what not to do.

Book #G05, 94 pages, 1st edition revised, 2002


Researching Family Folklore and Culture - Jean Wilcox Hibben

Culture and behaviors, traditions, stories, etc., are an integral part of who we are as human beings. Discover how cultures have influenced your ancestors over generations.

Book #G25, 153 pages, 2013


Social History: Enhance Your Family Story - Barbara J. Starmans

An introduction to social history with examples and resources of interest to the social historian.

Book #G21, 376 pages, 2015


The Business of Societies: Creating and Managing a Genealogy Society - Jean Wilcox Hibben

Learn the basics of what is needed to create a genealogy society, how to manage and how implement projects to engage and grow your society.

Book #G31, 208 pages, 2016


The Genes in Your Genealogy - Sherilyn Bell, Constandina Aravanitis & Shannon Combs-Bennett

As you are completing your own family tree, you may wish to explore your medical pedigree. Examinations of DNA, X and Y chromosomes, and inheritance disorders are included. The uniting of complexities in genes and genealogy.

Book #G10, 144 pages, 2nd edition, 2016


Video Tape Your Family History - Louise St Denis

Preserve your family's memories on video: taped conversations, photographic video albums and the ultimate family video. Instruction for completing each project is included. Everything you need to know to complete a high-quality video keepsake of your parents or your grandparents.

Book #G04, 80 pages, 2nd edition, 1999


What Did They Do? Ancestral Terminology - Dr. Penelope Christensen

Was your ancestor a Lady from Hell? Or a Gentleman of the Horn Thumb? Or was he a Rag and Bone Man? A dictionary of names of occupations, nicknames, officials, personal attributes and relationships for family historians.

Book #G08, 387 pages, 2nd edition, 2005


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Writing Your Family History Book - Lisa Alzo and Jennifer Holik

Every family has a great story or two, or twenty-two! Put it on paper... This book will help you from beginning to end in simple, manageable steps. You can do it!

Book #G17, 170 pages, 2nd edition, 2015


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Your Heritage to Discover, To Share - Louise St Denis

Genealogy, the art of finding your dead relatives can be easy, fun and challenging all at the same time. Lists address of over 100 archives and societies in Canada and the U. S

Book #G1, 1997


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Your House's History: Uncovering Its Past - Tami K. Pelling

Researching a property can be as rewarding as researching ancestors. Learn how about the various documents and research necessary to develop a house and/or farm history.

Book #G33, 310 pages, 2017



When you are COMPLETELY done adding  Heritage Books titles to your cart, select the total number of titles ordered to determine your shipping and handling costs. If you are also ordering other items from the Store, additional shipping and handling costs will be charged for those items.

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