Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

Wisconsin Counties Research


  • Wisconsin County Formation Maps - Historical maps can be an exceptional tool when you are beginning a genealogy research project. Because maps can give you important details about business and property ownership, they can be a significant source of information. This information can tell you what and whom you need to research to learn more.
  • Wisconsin Local & County Histories - There are histories for nearly all 72 Wisconsin counties. Most are several hundred pages long and include detailed accounts of individual cities, townships and villages, as well as biographical stories of prominent residents. The Wisconsin Historical Society has digitized many of the local and county histories in their collection and put them online.
  • Wisconsin Register of Deeds Addresses - Addresses for the register of deeds in each Wisconsin county, followed by the dates at which their collections of birth, marriage, and death certificates begin. Although the earliest surviving record may date from the year given below, coverage is likely to be far from complete until much later. - Use the Attached Document with Caution! This list is undated and information may no longer be correct. For a current list of Register of Deeds addresses see the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association website list.