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The Canadian Series - Heritage Books


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Finding Your Acadian Ancestors - Lea Normanndau-Jones

A fascinating and often misunderstood period in the movement and culture of our early Acadian ancestors. This book will provide historical data, maps and other tools to help in your research.

Book #HC03, 324 pages, 2001


Finding Your Ancestors in Alberta - Arlene Borgstede

This book lists over 800 sources of information found in archives, libraries and societies. Also included are over 200 Alberta genealogical addresses.

Book #HC05, 227 pages, 1999


Finding Your Ancestors in British Columbia - David Jackson

A great research tool! Find everything you need to conduct efficient and successful research in the province of British Columbia.

Book #HC06, 107 pages, Revised 2004


Finding Your Ancestors in English Quebec - Althea Douglas

Although we think of Quebec as divided by language, French or English, the religious divide is much more important: Roman Catholic or Non-Catholic. This book will help you understand this religious divide and how land divisions and institutions were developed. Included is an extensive reference and bibliography section.

Book #HC02, 233 pages, Revised 2003


Finding Your Ancestors in Manitoba - Laura Hanowski

The author takes you through the '5 W' approach to help you redefine your goals and look for sources that you have overlooked.

Book #HC24, 164 pages, 2005


Finding Your Ancestors in Saskatchewan - Laura Hanowski

The author starts off with the basics -- The Research Plan: Who, When, Where, What and Why! Following this, various record groups, including census, land, vital, settlement, immigration, court and military records, will be covered indicating what is available, and how to access this valuable family history information.

Book #HC25, 206 pages, 2nd Edition, 2015


Finding Your French-Canadian Ancestors - Louise St Denis

Canada is a very large country and records are compiled by geographic area. This book is intended as a general guide to sound strategies for those conducting research in Canadian records for the first time.

Book #HC08, 137 pages, Revised 2003


French Forts in New France (North America) - Lea Normandeau-Jones

A research tool most often overlooked! Documents are still available describing the men who protected these forts and their families. Discover where to look for this information and what you will find.

Book #HC11, 182 pages, 1998


Migration Patterns in Canada - Dr. Edward Smith

Migration patterns, for the purpose of this book, will include immigration, emigration and migration in, out and within Canada. Identifying various records which contain migration data, and how to read them, including their failings, will add detail to your research.

Book #HC09, 168 pages, 2003


Researching Canadian Archival Centres - Ryan Taylor

An introduction to using archives in genealogical research and to examine the kinds of records which you will encounter. This book introduces the various types of Canadian archival centres available for genealogical researchers.

Book #HC12, 225 pages, 2nd Edition, 2014


Researching Canadian Census Records - Doris Bourrie

Census records are the most useful records available to genealogists. This book will show you how to access these records and how to analyze the information provided. Suggestions for using the Internet for researching many census records are also included.

Book #HC15, 133 pages, 2nd Edition Revised 2008


Researching Canadian Land Records - Sharon L. Murphy

It all starts with the Land… Whether it was just a small tract or several thousand acres, it all meant the same thing, independence and freedom. This book has been prepared to give an introduction to the various types of land settlement and the records that were created.

Book #HC22, 227 pages, 3rd Edition, 2016


Researching Canadian Newspaper Records - Ryan Taylor

Newspapers are an important source of genealogical information, not only dates and places, but also background material which will add to the interest of your family history. This book will review the historical development of newspapers, how to find the required paper, what useful information you may find and how to interpret this documented data.

Book #HC14, 250 pages, Revised 2009


Researching Canadian Religious Records - Ryan Taylor

While most of us probably think we know a great deal about Church records, in fact these records are very complex. We discuss various record keeping methods used, what was preserved over the years and how to research these documents.

Book #HC21, 202 pages, 2001


Researching Canadian Uncommon Sources - Michelle Labrosse-Purcell

Have you searched in corporate or local archives? Do you have an ancestor that belonged to a fraternal association? Was your ancestor a nurse, a physician, a teacher or in the clergy—have you looked through records of professional associations? This book will help you go beyond common sources and discover hidden genealogical treasures.

Book #HC18, 299 pages, 2nd edition, 2017


Researching Canadian Vital Statistics Records - Sharon L. Murphy

Births, marriages and deaths. When were they born, married and died? These facts are the cornerstones to building your family history.

Book #HC17, 280 pages, 2nd Edition, 2003


Researching Canadian Wills and Estates - Ronnie MacCarl

Valuable genealogical information can often be found in wills and estates. These records are often overlooked. Whether the deceased was testate or intestate, we will show where to search for wills and estates and what kind of genealogical information you will find.

Book #HC13, 162 pages, 2nd Edition Revised, 2010



When you are COMPLETELY done adding  Heritage Books titles to your cart, select the total number of titles ordered to determine your shipping and handling costs. If you are also ordering other items from the Store, additional shipping and handling costs will be charged for those items.

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